Since version 5.4.0 one can add paths to each License Optimizer application configuration that will be ignored when being processed. Some REST endpoints might not handle well additional delays introduced by the checks License Optimizer needs to perform. Examples are the REST endpoints from Jira Asset Management that start with /rest/insight

If you don't encounter any performance degradation with Jira Assets there should be no need to use this option.


For each application being optimized (1), just add paths relative to the base URL of your instance (2) without the application context at the end (some run Jira and Confluence on the same server/ base URL i.e. https://mycompany.com/jira and https://mycompany.com/confluence, only everything after counts as path for this option). You are not allowed to ignore all paths by referring to / only because you'd essentially disable License Optimizer. The path check is performed using startsWith and doesn't support regular expressions. Ignoring /rest/insight like in the picture below covers all known REST endpoints of the Asset management.

Caveheats When Using With Jira Asset Management 

Users who have been inactive for the Inactivity Period defined in the top-left of the settings are getting removed from the group that provides the license. When they become active again this might only happen due to a REST call to one of the endpoints you are now ignoring. They'd then either get permission-related or 404 errors in the Asset section. Only a page refresh would solve that but this is of course not very user-friendly. We recommend increasing the Inactivity Period to a value of a few hours and a maximum of the duration of a regular working day. This will keep the users longer in the license group. The only downside is that licenses are not freed up again that quickly. Please keep that in mind if you start reaching the maximum of available licenses already. Please refer to this article on how to monitor license consumption at any time in your instance.