We added a new configuration option which is available since version 5.4.0.


License Optimizer queries available licenses for every request of users who are currently not in the license group and need to be added. We've seen a couple of instances that can't cope with the number of these queries and the only solution to that problem is to perform these queries less frequently.


It's only safe to enable this option if you have enough free licenses available so that you never exceed it in that one-minute timeframe. You need to be particularly careful in Confluence because License Optimizer assigns users to the license group even if they are not physically using Confluence but:

  • Are watchers of spaces, pages or blogs and expected to receive an e-mail notification upon update 
  • Are being mentioned by somebody

That can lead to a spike in the members count of the license group, i.e. if a page is updated and 50 watchers who don't have a license need to be added to the group. 

As a general rule of thumb:
Don't activate this option if you don't see any performance issues in your instance.