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After installing the app, all your service desk projects will be prepared to use it, but it will be disabled initially  but the translation will initially be disabled.
To change that for the projects of your choice we recommend to just press the "Get started"-Button and enter the On-Boarding....

Alternatively you can also select a service desk project in the main menu, go to project settings and there click on "Language Translation for JSD".
In this case you can jump to chapter two below.

1. Come on board!



The first thing you will have to do to get up and running is to set in your Google API credentials. 
They are necessary because we use the Google translation API in our backend.

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Click on "Learn here how to obtain Google API Credentials" if you don't have them already.
Save them and click Next.



Enable Translation for Service Desk Projects

In the select box you will find all your service desk projects. 
Choose one, change the main language and disable translation directions if appropriate, and then click on “Enable Project for Translation“.


If your service desk is multi lingual or you want to enable experimental features like "Sentiment Analysis" then you can do that in the Project Settings.
As you might have noticed, after enabling the project the Enable button of the form , you just pressed changed to

Click on it and it will open the Settings.
If you click on Next, you get further information about custom fields and what you can do with them.


This page you can either reach from the on-boarding or by clicking on the "Language Translations" link in the project settings.

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2.1 Credentials, translation directions and main language

Here you can update your Google Api credentials, modify the translation directions and change the main language, 
which you may have set by going through the on-boarding already.