With HubSpot CRM for Jira you will have native HubSpot CRM data without moving away from Jira! Follow this quick guide to get started.

Create a connection from Jira to HubSpot

Step 1: Go to the HubSpot for Jira Configuration Page

  • Find the HubSpot Configuration in Jira Settings > Atlassian Marketplace

Step 2: Create the connection between Jira and HubSpot

  • Click on Create Connection 

Step 3: Configure your connection

  • In the pop-up window:
     1. Give a n
    ame to the connection.
     2. Select which user groups in Jira will have permission to use the connection.
     3. Select the Jira project to which you want to connect. 

    NOTE: When selecting your project, you can define which Jira Projects are linkable from HubSpot.
    (Linking a Jira Issue to HubSpot can be done from all Jira Projects, and these projects will be visible within the issue window when accessing it in HubSpot, however, when
    creating a Jira issue from HubSpot, you can only select a Jira Project which has been linked with HubSpot in the configuration process)

Step 4: Authenticate your connection

  • Once you have saved your connection, click on the Authenticate button to link it to the relevant HubSpot account.

  • A HubSpot screen will open in a new window, prompting you to select the account which you would like to link, once you
    have clicked on the "Choose Account" button, it will automatically redirect you back to Jira. 

NOTE: Connecting a HubSpot account to multiple Jira instances is impossible. 

Step 5: Customize Jira / HubSpot fields

After the Authentication has been successfully implemented, you will see the status of the connection being displayed as "Connected". 

Click on the pencil icon to edit to connection in order customize the Jira / HubSpot fields which you would like to have displayed as part of the connection. 

Go to "Jira fields settings" to select for every Project and Issue Type which Jira fields you would like to have displayed in HubSpot. 


You need to repeat that for all the Project and Issue Type combinations. We'll improve the user experience for this in a future version of the app.

Go to "HubSpot fields settings" to select which object properties you would like to have displayed in Jira issues. 

Step 6: Start linking Jira issues with Contacts, Companies, Tickets or Deals

It is possible to link a Jira issue from either inside HubSpot or inside Jira.

Method 1: Inside Jira

  • eeGo to any issue screen and find the HubSpot CRM for Jira button on the panel.

  • A new section will appear inside the issue content.

  • Select the HubSpot Object that you want to link (Contact, Deal, Company, or Ticket).

Method 2: Inside HubSpot

  • Go to the details page of a Company, Contact, Ticket, or Deal.
  • Find the Smart Card from our app on the left panel and click on the Add a Jira issue button.

These actions are only possible while editing the Confluence page.