Can any Jira user edit HubSpot CRM objects without having a HubSpot account?

No, the current version of the app only allows Jira users to read HubSpot CRM objects.

Can any Jira user read HubSpot CRM objects without having a HubSpot account?

Yes, as long as they have permission to access the issue and the space where that information has been added.

Can I link HubSpot CRM objects with a free account?

Yes, HubSpot CRM objects can be linked in Jira Cloud from a free HubSpot CRM. 

Can I link HubSpot CRM objects without a HubSpot account?

Once the connection has been established, Jira users with the right permissions can link HubSpot CRM objects in a Jira issue without the need for an account in HubSpot tied to that user.

Can I use your app (Jira issue card) together with a customized sidebar in HubSpot?

Yes, it is possible. Please note, that you need to adjust the default view (default sidebar), because mostly the Jira issue card is not added there. After you add the card in the default view (and the customized sidebar), our Jira Issue card will be shown in the customized sidebar, too.

Does HubSpot CRM for Jira help comply with GDPR and other privacy regulations?

Yes, HubSpot CRM for Jira is a very smart approach to some GDPR requirements. For example, as soon as personal and company records are removed from HubSpot, they will disappear from Jira Cloud.