For Service Management Projects it is also possible to select an approver coverer.

At midnight before you are out of office, this coverer replaces you as approver for every issue where you are appointed as an approver. When you come back, you are automatically reinstated.

You can select one coverer for all of your projects and for any specific project.

Known Restrictions

  • The app works currently only with approvers that are inserted into the default "Approvers" field of a JSM issue. In the workflows you can define custom fields for approvers, but they are not yet supported (tell us if you need this!)
  • Groups of approvers are also not supported

Out of Office Messages and Approver Coverers

It's possible to create rules without normal coverers and with only approval coverers.

However, note that in the case below:

  • the Out of Office message will not be shared when the app replaces an approver with their coverer.
  • the Out of Office message will be shared when an issue is assigned to the user that created the rule.

Setting an approver coverer in the out of office rule creation dialog