After finishing a standup meeting, the app generates a summary page of all the participants' updates and offers a set of analytics that can give you more insights about the meeting and your sprint or cadence if you have a non-scrum board. The journal can contain up to 30 days of standup meeting summaries, and any user of the stream can navigate through them.

There are two ways of accessing the journal:

1) Right after the end of a meeting by clicking on the "Team Journal" button

2) or by Clicking on the "Team Journal" option on the left side menu.

At the top of the Team Journal page, users can see the following statistics:

  • Participation: Meeting Participation in this Sprint or Cadence.

  • Goals met: Team Issues Completed this Sprint or Cadence. 

  • Resolved Suggested Issues: Focused Issues Completed this Sprint or Cadence. 

A "Follow-Up Items" list is displayed, showing the Jira Issues flagged during the standup meeting.

Lastly, users are able to see an overview of all participant's updates during the selected standup meeting.