I have installed the SAML Single Sign On for Jira/ Confluence/ Bitbucket/ Bamboo/ Fisheye-Crucible Server or Data Center successfully.
Further, I have activated "Enabled SSO Redirect" on the plugin configuration page.

After the configurations are done, I logged out and tried logging in with SSO.
Unfortunately, this results in an error page on the Identity Provider or in the Atlassian Server or Data Center application itself.
I cannot access the Jira/ Confluence/ Bitbucket/ Bamboo/ Fisheye-Crucible anymore.

Is there a way to bypass the Single Sign On and get the default login again?


For bypassing the Single Sign-On, please use one of the following URLs:

ApplicationNosso URL

Bamboo 5: https://<bamboo-baseurl>/userlogin!default.action?nosso

Bamboo 6 and later: https://<bamboo-baseurl>/userlogin!doDefault.action?nosso


From plugin version 6.5 it is also possible to use ?auth_fallback instead of ?nosso. This is used in Atlassian SSO implementation and might help remember the redirection bypass URLs better when switching to our plugin. 

If you still have problems reaching your application, please contact our support here: