I have installed the SAML Single Sign On for JIRA/Confluence/Bitbucket/Bamboo/Fisheye-Crucible successfully. Further I have activated "Enabled SSO Redirect" in the plugin configuration page.

After the configurations are done, I logged out and tried the SSO. Unfortunately it ends in an error page on the Identity Provider or SAML Single Sign On. So i cannot access the JIRA/Confluence/Bitbucket/Bamboo/Fisheye-Crucible application anymore.

Is there a way to bypass the Single Sign On and get the default login again ?


For bypassing the Single Sign On, please use one of the following URLs:

Application Nosso URL
JIRA https://<jira-baseurl>/login.jsp?nosso
Confluence https://<confluence-baseurl>/login.action?nosso
Bitbucket https://<bitbucket-baseurl>/login?nosso

Bamboo 5: https://<bamboo-baseurl>/userlogin!default.action?nosso

Bamboo 6 and later: https://<bamboo-baseurl>/userlogin!doDefault.action?nosso

Fisheye-Crucible https://<fisheye-baseurl>/login?nosso

If you still have problems to reach your application, please contact our support here: