How can i add new Identity Providers  ?


In the plugin configuration there is a button with which you can add new Identity Provider:


I added a new Identity Provider and configured it in the plugin configuration. How can i use the different configured IdPs with my SAML Single Sign On ?


  1. The recommended way is to use the "IdP selection page". In the page you can select between all your configured Identity Provider from the plugin configuration and the normal login page:

  2. The other way is to attach the "idp" parameter to your URL. The plugin is using this parameter to redirect the user to the configured identity provider. The IdP selection page also works with this parameter.
    As example, if you configured two Identity Providers, you can access them through:

  • https://<your-jira/confluence>/plugins/servlet/samlsso?idp=1

  • https://<your-jira/confluence>/plugins/servlet/samlsso?idp=2

If you

  • enable the "Enable SSO Redirect" in the plugin configuration, 
  • leave the IdP Selection Page off
  • and not using the idp parameter in the URL

you will be redirected on default to the idp=1.