The add-on is a web based application, like any other Bitbucket SAML add-on as well, that can't perform authentication for command line tools. 

In general, we recommend using a SSH key for authentication, see

Depending on your setup there are different possibilities to perform Git operations with your Bitbucket Server running the SAML SSO add-on:

If you are using external LDAP synchronization to sync & update users 

In this case the full credentials will be synchronized to your Bitbucket instance, so the users can use their known username/password combination for all Git operations (SSH key for authentication and personal access tokens are not bound to users, so they can also be used with external LDAP/Jira/Crowd synchronizations)

If you are using user creation and update provided by the SAML SSO add-on

If you are using the on-the-fly user creation of our add-on, the users will be created with an autogenerated password. To enable the users to do Git operations you have three options: