We need to redirect individual Jira Service Management (JSM) URLs as opposed to the whole Jira Service Management Portal. Could you please advise, how to achieve it?


To achieve what you've described, you can use a Force SSO URLs entry (SAML Single Sign On Configuration → Redirection → Advanced Redirection Controls).

Before you add a Force SSO URL entry you need to uncheck 'Enable SSO redirect for Service Desk Portal' (SAML Single Sign On Configuration → Redirection).

If you still have this option enabled all users are redirected to the Identity Provider (IdP) when accessing the Service Desk portal even if the Force SSO URLs are set.


Force SSO

Add the specific URLs of the portals to the 'Force-SSO URLs' in the 'Redirection' tab of the SAML Single Sign On Configuration → Redirection → Advanced Redirection Controls. Please don't forget to save your changes.


Please have a look at our example (the specific URL should be something similar to the below). In our case we want to achieve that only Portal 3 is available via SSO:


Either everything that ends with 3, or contains 3 in the URL after the portal part then continues, would be redirected to SSO.

All other Jira Service Management Portal will be accessible via username / password (no SSO).