Do we need to configure SAML SSO to work with the Atlassian Companion app?


There should be no interference between the Atlassian Companion app and our SAML SSO app, having the default Force SSO URLs in our app.

Please take care Atlassian Companion App, cannot handle square brackets in file names.

  • [Marketing] Budget-new.xlsx (will not work)
  • Marketing Budget-new.xlsx (will work)

Reverse proxy

If you are using a reverse proxy normally the reverse proxy performs a pre-authentication before anything is let through to Atlassian (Confluence as an example). In this case the reverse proxy would have to be configured to allow requests from the following URLs.

<base-url>/rest/analytics/1.0/publish/bulk (only necessary if you have opted in to data collection)

Please have a look at the official Atlassian article if the URLs have been updated: