User Sync connector configurations can be exported and re-imported.

Every connector configuration contains a unique identifier generated when the connector is created.

When importing a connector with an identifier matching an existing connector, this connector's configuration is updated. This may fail, e.g. if the imported configuration is for another type of connector.

Export a single connector

Click the download icon in the appropriate line to download a JSON file containing the connector configuration.

Export all connectors

Click Download configuration to download a JSON file containing all connector configurations.

Import connectors

To import connectors, click the Import button and select a JSON file containing one or multiple connectors.

This only works with files downloaded using the procedure above. It does not work with files created using Download Support Information, as the support information does not contain sensitive data required to restore a connector.

After importing, the result messages are shown.

How Directories are handled

Connector configurations contain the id of the directory to work on. To avoid to accidentially attach the connector to the wrong directory, the directory in the configuration is not used.

  • If a connector with the same unique ID exists already, the configuration is updated with the imported data except for the directory id.
  • If a new connector is created, a new directory is created and used instead of the imported directory id.