Creating organizations based on connector attributes and assign the user to it.
You could also only assign users to organizations already existing.


  • organizations are currently created for all service desks in your Jira
  • a user with administrative permission needs to be added to the Users and roles section for each project
    • the role type is not important, only that the admin user is assigned one in the first place
  • if an admin is not assigned to a role on a project, creating organizations on the following projects will fail
    • so if one is already missing on service desk project 1, creating organizations will fail on project 2+

Please do not hesitate to contact us via https://www.resolution.de/go/support, if the below guide won't work for you.
Prepare a support zip already (https://confluence.atlassian.com/support/create-a-support-zip-790796819.html), so that we check the log files for errors.


Make sure an administrator user is assigned to the service desk project (Users and roles).

  • Edit your User Sync connector and switch to the Provisioning Settings tab. Scroll down to Attribute Mapping.
  • Click on the Add New Attribute Mapping button. 

  • Choose "Organization", and choose the "Source Attribute Name" as what your IdP API returns ("department" in the example below).
  • Click on Apply.

Optional (only if you want to create organizations not existing yet):

  • Choose "Create Organizations", and choose "Yes" from the templates.

  • Click on Apply.

This is what the mapping would look like:

If you don't want to create organizations, just don't create the second mapping.