User Sync can synchronize profile data (also known as user attributes) from an identity cloud provider to the user profile in your Atlassian Data Center or Server product.

After following this guide, you will find user details from the Identity Provider in the user profile in Jira or Confluence.

Adding IdP attributes

Jira User Profiles

You can add as many user properties as you want in Jira, they'll be displayed under User Properties in the user profile:

Confluence User Profiles

In Confluence you can only synchronize the following attributes:

  • Phone
  • IM
  • Website
  • Position
  • Department
  • Location


To configure your User Sync connector to synchronize fields from the user's profile of your cloud provider, do the following:

Step 1: Access the Settings

  • Go to the UserSync settings and click Edit for the connector you want to modify.
  • Then scroll down and click Show Advanced Settings.

Step 2: Add an Attribute

  • Once in the advanced settings, scroll down to the Attribute Mapping and add a new entry to the table.
  • Map the attribute

For the Application Attribute, enter any key you like: 
and for the Connector Attribute, please choose the attribute you want to synchronize:

For the Application Attribute, enter one or all of the following:
and select the matching attribute as Connector Attribute:

Step 3: Save the settings

Save the connector settings as shown below:

Step 4: Trigger the sync

There are three options to trigger the synchronization:

  • Updating a single user,
  • Starting a full sync
  • Waiting for the next scheduled sync.


Not all fields in an IdP user profile might be supported, for instance the manager field in Azure AD isn't.