UserSync 2.0 supports syncing any IdP attributes into Linchpin profile fields. This tutorial will show how to configure this.


  • UserSync 2.0 or later
  • Linchpin User Profiles 2.21 (or later) / Linchpin Intranet Suite 3.1.0 (or later)


There are two scenarios for Linchpin user profile fields:

  1. Already existing Linchpin fields
  2. No existing Linchpin fields

Linchpin configuration

The following steps show how Linchpin needs to be configured. We show the steps in Linchpin and UserSync.

Existing Linchpin Attribute

  1. Go to the Profile Editor of Linchpin.
  2. Click Edit (pen symbol) on the field.

  3. Change the Source to IdP and click Save to finish the configuration of Linchpin.

Create a new Linchpin Attribute

  1. Go to the Profile Editor of Linchpin.
  2. Click New profile field.

  3. Enter a Field label, set the Source to IdP , and click Save to finish the configuration.

UserSync configuration

After setting up Linchpin, we show now how to configure a UserSync connector to sync the attributes.

  1. Go to UserSync and click Edit for your UserSync connector.

  2. Go to Provisioning Settings and scroll down to the Attribute Mapping table.

  3. Click New Mapping and select the Linchpin field you want to map. You may have to scroll down in the popup to find it.

  4. Select which attribute from the IdP should be the data source. You can also do any transformation.

  5. Click Apply to close the modal. You can see the new mapping in the table.

  6. Click Save and Return to finish the configuration.


After syncing users, you can see the field in the Linchpin user profile


Possible Problems

  1. I can not see the Linchpin field in the UserSync configuration!
    Make sure that the Linchpin field has its type set to IdP.