When trying to rename a user with UserSync, the following message appears:

A User with the same username is present in another directory=(98305:Confluence Internal Directory), further down in the directory search order. 
Due to a limitation in the Atlassian API, we cannot update the user without breaking the user mapping table.
Please read the following article for more details and how to resolve this.


UserSync renames a user by calling the official Atlassian API. In certain circumstances, this renaming can break the user mapping table inside your Atlassian product, thus destroying associations between tickets/issues/comments with users
To avoid this, UserSync does not rename users if the following is fulfilled:

  1. A user exists with the same username you want to rename the user to.
  2. That user is a member of a directory below the UserSync directory.


  • You want to rename the user to john in your UserSync directory.
  • There is already a user john in the internal directory.
  • In the directory order, the internal directory is below the UserSync directory.

If UserSync would rename to john, the user mapping table will break. As a consequence, all tickets/issues/etc previously assigned to john are assigned to john#1. Additionally, user john#1 does not exist and cannot be used.

How to Proceed:

As of now, we want to treat those cases individually via our support to avoid any damage to your system. Thus, please open a ticket at and provide the following information:

  1. The error message as described before, since it already includes information.
  2. The directory summary of your Atlassian product.
    1. For this go to User Directories and click Directory Configuration Summary.
    2. On the next page, click the download button.
  3. The content of the user mapping table. For that, please choose the specific SQL query for your Atlassian product. It will print the content of the user mapping table: 
    1. For Jira: select * from app_user ;
    2. For Confluence: select * from user_mapping ;
    3. For Bitbucket: select * from sta_normal_user ;
  4. The current username of the user you want to rename and the new username you want to rename the user to.